Saturday, August 9

Ta Da!!! How do you like the new look?

Ok, what do you think of my blogs new look? Cute huh? It only took 3 days of countless hours on and off between laundry and kids and the typical routine. It also took knowledge of photoshop, which I HAD NONE previously, and I managed through it with some help of some online friends to which I owe you big time as I was literally pulling my hair out! I can honestly say after this experience I have NO INTEREST what so ever in ever digital scrapping. Then we have the HTML codes and Java you know whats, what is this stuff and why on earth do we need it? It seriously is another language, one of which nobody should ever have to learn. I am computer literate, probably more than the average (definitely more than my husband) and I was lost at times....but It is a learning process and I figured some out and can now say I know how to layer in photoshop (see my title...) I am no master at it by any means but I now know more than I did last week and that is something.

There are a few things I could not figure out, the kit I had bought actually had a different background, it was a vintage look parchment paper and I tried and tried to figure out how to get the codes in or picture in or whatever needed to "put in somewhere" and I gave up. So I found another one that was much easier to insert and I like it actually much better. The little tabs I have on the side the cute little pink ones with buttons and bling, I cannot figure out to get the white out from behind them...kind of bugging me a bit, but they don't look "bad" so they stay that way.

This was one of those projects you start and once you get into it, and deeply frustrated with it, you do not want to quit until it is done. And now that I think I cannot tweak it anymore maybe I can work on other things, the laundry is done, the laundry is ALL DONE (a rare thing around here) and I have a Cricut class to teach on Tuesday which is also my birthday and I have yet to throw together a page, it is in my head I just need to cut it out...maybe after the kids go down.


Anonymous said...

what a great blog - very nice

Wife2TJ said...

Looks great!!!

Micki said...

I know where you've been! And it looks very familiar! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Diane (AMKs_mom) said...

Your blog looks wonderful!

I have nominated you for the Brillant Blog award please check out my blog for information about the award and to add the award to your blog.
I have nominated your blog because your site gives all of us papercrafters wonderful ideas and inspiration.

Michelle (mla1111) said...

Hey Lisa... Your new blog looks AMAZING! Wouldnt have know that you just figured this all out. Great job! Hope you have an awesome birdthday next week!!!

tara said...

what a great blog you have I put you in my favs so I can check back more often ;)
Tara--mommyof2girls (

Phila said...

People should read this.