Sunday, August 10

Teacher Pencil Posie Gift (Cricut Project)

A fellow instructor at the LSS I teach at is having a class next week and the project is a teacher gift, a pencil posie bouquet of sorts. The concept is really cute, however I will be out of town the night of the class, so I had to make one on my own. So, today Carson and I put one together for his "new teacher". School starts here a week from tomorrow, on the 18th. My "baby boy" is starting Kindergarten, well he is no baby, he will be 6 years old in just 8 weeks or so. It was not the "fun" project I had in mind while I was cutting the flowers in the Cricut this morning, both kids fighting over what flowers to use, who got to pick the buttons...but the end result is as cute as can be. I will post the class sample ( what the store will be using) and where I got the idea. I however had the perfect papers for myself in mind, the DCWV glitter and foil Grade School stack. We used a silver bucket from Target, piece of ribbon to tie off the front and of course pencils and lots of glue dots. The store sample and class project had the pencils just tucked inside the rafia type stuff, I however used a piece of that floral foam (you know the green stuff you can get wet) as to secure them just a bit tighter and the covered the foam with the rafia or whatever that stuff is called. :)

This is the one the store is doing for there class next week.

And this one is my "scraplift".


Dawn said...

Love this!! I need to make one!!!
What does the tag say?? You can email me at

LiveLaughScrap said...

Oh, I love this idea. I was thinking of making Some kind of gift of the teacher this year. My dd is going to a new school. I have made bouquets before, but didn't think of using pencils, duh - for a teacher. LOL

Melissa said...

This is adorable and I will be scraplifting it! Thanks so much for sharing!

Amanda said...

This is super duper cute! Great job!!!!