Saturday, September 20

Don't bother me I am scrappin!

Matt is away hunting for the next 12 days (well he has been gone already for 4 days) and I have lots to do, and the kids are at the age where they just fight and bicker all day. It just occured to me I have a swap due next week, 28 -6x6 halloween themed pages OMG! I have not even started!!! Being a single parent for the next week, what to do. I mean it is not like I can tell my 3 and 5 year old, don't bother me I am scrappin! Can I???

Update: well it's near midnight and I have been working on designing this page for awhile now, I think it is taking so long cause I am a total novice at the laptop mouse. So I saved it and did it wrong, had to start all over! For those of you unfamiliar with a ABC book, it is a book with a front and back cover and then each page represents a letter in the alphabet, hence 28 total pages. No pictures (from a camera) in the book, more of a show and tell book. So my letter in the Halloween book is the letter "N", so I choose the word night. ONe thing I did learn is that Windows Vista has this cool feature called snippet tool and it is so so easy to save a shot of your screen and save (I mean super easy!). I need to install my cricut design studio onto my new computer but I need an acccess code to do so and its the weekend. So, I am running the trial mode and can begin to actually cut the pieces early next week and put them together. Here is a screen shot of what the pages design is, and what they will look like rough draft:

I am also in another ABC book due in NOvember, it is a bible verse one which I thought would make a great gift for the kids for christmas. My letter in that one is "L", so I am going to use "Love". So if you have a favorite verse with the word "Love" in it and would like to share, please post a message with the verse, and of course the book, chapter, line etc...

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