Monday, September 22

Ella starts preschool.

Ella started preschool the wednesday after labor day, she has been looking forward to this forever! Having watched Carson go for years and not being able to "stay" when we dropped him off last year (which at times was a battle, dragging her out by the arm)she was more than ready to start preschool. She goes every wed, thurs, friday mornings for just a few hours, however......they are both in school during this time! (can you say FREEDOM for mommy for just a little while!!). First day of school was exactly like when Carson started, not a tear, and barely a hug as she all but shoved me out the door. Seperation anxiety has never been a problem for either of my kids that is for sure. She already had a friend in the class, Savannah, which she has know for years. And, during the summer she had a dance class and met a little girl in that class who was also attending the school when it started. Hard to believe in just a few weeks, my little baby is going to be 4 years old (OK its in month but it will be here before we know it!). Here is our baby who is "bigger", her words. She now refers to herself as bigger and everything in her past happened when she "was a little girl". I hear this all the time, "mommy, when I was a little girl".......LOL
And if you know my mother Kathy, YES, as Ella gets older she looks more and more like my mother!

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Stephanie Graham said...

Where did you get that ADORABLE dress?!?!t is to die for!