Monday, September 22

A few of my household favorite things.

While cleaning the other day it donned on me how much I really like some of the items in our home over other things we may have. So, I thought I would share a few of my "favorite" things we have in our home.

This is a vintage window pane that I use as a photo frame. I eyed this thing for weeks before actually buying it, as it was not cheap. For those of you who live back east these may be a dime a dozen but out here in california they are not and lets just say for what I paid for it I could have bought 3 cricut cartridges on ebay. All the glass was intact however one of the kids over the years threw a toy and cracked one of the panes:

This is a vintage tin ceiling tile that hangs in my living room, it a pale shade of yellow and I love it.

This is a lamp we found in my grandmothers attic after she passed away. From what I understand it used to be part of a set but only one remains. For some reason I just really like the marbled looking glass not sure if it is the lamp itself or knowing that it was hers.

This is a scales of justice I built out of parts from numerous of these. It had more crystals hanging from it and again the kids got to it. I use it for candles now and feel its a fitting piece as not only does it match our decor but husband is in law enforcement so its fitting.

This is a vintage cross stitch I found online when doing Ella's nursery a few years back, I got it a good price and I really just like it. Also below is a vintage lamp that is in her room. I love the pom pom trim on the shade and the wooden girl in the swing actually swings.

And a chance find that hangs in our bedroom and I only paid $6 for it! This is a Napa Newspaper (where we live) dated in 1891. I have the whole newspaper and it sits all behind the framed glass. I love the condition it is in and reading the paper it funny to see how there was no rhyme or reason to the news, they just listed it as it went. So and so went on vacation to visit her sister, so and so is home with the flu, etc...I wish that is the only thing now days to make news! And some of the names of families you recognize as they are names still prominent in town.

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roseylittlethings said...

Wish I had a old napa newspaper in a frame:)