Saturday, September 27

I won at the Kennedys Blog!

So this week one of the blogs I follow had a giveway, and I won! April who also lives here in town is someone I met through a friend and we would see each other at our yearly scrap away weekends, crab feeds, baby showers etc. Then, our boys who are are the same age attended the same preschool so I saw her very often. However, now our boys are in kindergarten at different schools and I have not seen her in forever, however I do follow her blog just to see how she is, how the kids are and of course to be nosey! LOL

So thank you April, looking forward to receiving my soaps and knowing you picked them up in St. Helena I am sure it was at some quaint little shop and I am sure they handmade and just lovely. So, now I am thinking it is my turn for a giveaway so in the next few days I will list a giveaway of my own. Perhaps it will be something I pick up while shopping or perhaps it will be something that I will make in the meantime. So keep coming back for more details.


{april kennedy} said...

Love it! I think giving is as fun as receiving. I will be back to check out your give-a-way...yeah!

michelle said...

Lucky you !! what a great gift !! love your blog and the tree album is superb !! Thanks for stopping by my blog today i will definately be back to check out yours again !!