Saturday, September 27

Las Vegas

Pretty lights, flashing signs, well see that picture above, YUP! that is all I saw of the Las Vegas strip on our recent trip there in August. Matt played in the police and fire games and we stayed at the host hotel, South Point which was several miles off the strip, or rather a $30 cab ride (with tip) each way. During the day when the guys were not playing softball they were at the pool drinking beer. I choose not to partake in that all that much, had it not been 112 outside and then there is the whole putting on a bathing suit in front of all his coworkers, ya, not in a million years was that ever going to happen. We were there for 4 nights and New York New York was as far as I got on the strip. We did take a shuttle out to some resort in Henderson to see this 80's cover band called Steel Panther, and that was a really fun show. The sang everything rock from the 80's and it was also comedy, and vulgar and pretty funny really. I really wanted to see Bellagio with the dancing waters, and several other spots, but it just never happened. Here I am 39 years old (left the day after my birthday) and this was my first trip to Vegas and now I mess with Matt telling him he has to take me back, cause I still have yet to see Vegas!!! So this is the only picture I got of the lights and the city, however.....I did buy one of those postcards at the airport that had snippets off a little of everything, but that still does not count! Maybe next year on my 40th!

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