Sunday, October 26

My attempt to cut on utility cost this winter..

It has been a long time since I updated really so I have lots to tell. Here is the curtain I made a few days ago. While visiting a girlfriend this past week I noted she had a "custom" curtain hanging in her hallway entrance as to only heat the "living" spaces in her home. DUH! I had done the same exact thing in our last home so why after 5 years of living in this home had I not thought of doing this I do not know. So I ran to the fabric store and picked up this heavyweight fabric (Matt hates the print, o'well) and made this curtain for our hall. Hey, anything to cut utility cost this this is not "custom" by any sewing skills consist of anything in a straight line! It is not "backed" and I have no idea how to make it on a track so I did a simple wide hem and used clip on drapery rings and hung over a decorative rod. Our entry way is very tall, this is hung on the "beam" which is several feet lower than the actual ceiling. I bought 4 yards and used about 3 1/2 of it, so its a good 10+ feet tall. It really accents the high ceiling there, thats for sure. Now it was definatly long enough but of course not really wide enough so I had to piece it on the sides....cannot see that when it is closed. The fabric was a bit pricey at $15 a yard and of course the remnent section had nothing 4 yards long but if it saves it's cost in utility fees and more, than it's worth it. Sorry the pictures are a bit off in color.

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{april kennedy} said... glad to see you finally updated your blog! come hang out any wednesday morning that you need to. I'll go to the scrapbook store with you when they open afterwards.

Love the looks great.