Sunday, October 26

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday after school we made our annual trip to the Stanly Lane pumpkin patch. The kids always love to go...and boy was it hot that day! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the outing. I just love this one, it is my favorite!!!

Daddy had to get this shot of Carson on the tractor:

Ella and Daddy goofing around...this shot was his idea. So I am curious are there 2 or 4 pumpkin heads in this picture!

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jen@ Rosey Little Things said...

The kidos are getting so big! Oooh Stanley lane:) so many memories!! Love the curtain,it turned out cute. We have a fabric store here that is a whole huge warehouse that you have to dig through of decorator fabric for 2-5$ it is heaven! Let me know if you ever need fabric again, even after paying shipping it would be less than 15$ a Yard!!! Glad you are back, the albums above are great!