Friday, January 23

25 Random things about "Me"

So I have been tagged with this questionarre several times over the last few days over on facebook. So, I finally decided to sit down and do it and post it here. If you have not done this yet, it is hard!!!

1. I am the oldest of 3; I have a younger sister Karen and a younger brother Jason.

2. I have been a nurse since 93 in various specialties but have never felt it was my "calling" I just needed a career so went for it, however for the last 8 years I have been lucky enough to stay home.

3. As a teenager I wanted to attend Art School and should have....I am a very creative person.

4. Thought for sure when I was younger I would have the husband, kids and picket fence by age 25, I am nearly 40 and my "oldest" is in Kindergarten.

5. I attended 3 schools in the 6th grade.

6. I have a horrible fear of dying before my kids grow up, did I mention a horrible fear!!!!

7. I, at one time lived with 4 male roommates and no I did not use their bathroom, ugh!!

8. I don't like eggs, mustard, peppers and I only eat cottage cheese because I think it’s good for me, LOL.

9. I am a coffee addict, flip flop addict and I love vintage things.

10. Both my parents are still alive (phew!) and have been married for over 40 years.

11. I lived as a teenager 2 streets up from my now husband and did not even know him.

12. I would rather go to school than go to work, funny since I hated high school academics.

13. I can open the cupboards and come up with something “tasty” for dinner, may not be the best for you but even if the cupboards are bare I can whip up something. Just ask my old roommates Jen and Marni…

14. I like my son am a people pleaser; however the older I get the more I think I am growing out of this. I think younger I did it cause I thought people would like me or accept me. Boy hindsight is a powerful thing huh? If I had only known and spent so many years insecure…what a waste of time.

15. I never went to a prom, or a turnabout in high school. My husband tells me if really want to go to a prom he will still take me to one….what a guy!

16. I have been to 38 states last I recall…

17. I don’t like wine! I know sac religious given where I grew up huh? I also don’t like champagne or beer and have never ever been wine tasting!

18. I took care of my grandmother while she was dying and she ended up dying on my birthday!

19. My husband and are complete opposites. If you had told either one of us when we were younger we would end up together neither one of us would have believed it, not in a million years! But, first date in 99 and we both “knew” …..Cliché I know, but true.

20. My feet, like my ass, have gone up 2 sizes since I had kids.

21. I still talk to and see most of my close friends I had in high school.

22. One of my biggest pet peeves is “gum chewing”, so please don’t chew gum around me!!!

23. Once I start gambling I cannot stop…..I could totally become addicted if I had the money to do so

24. I am in awe of my children at some point every day.

25. I am not a pet person at all. I don’t like the smell, the touch, the drool, the mess, the hair, the cost, the responsibility, there is just nothing appealing about to me about any kind of pet or animal.

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{april kennedy} said...

#20 made me laugh out loud! I think because you caught me off guard with the word "ass"!

#22 - I am a total gum chewer and even pop remind me the next time I might be driving you absolutely crazy!

#25 - Not a huge fan either and only caved for my children, but why we got a non-shedding, small, almost odorless dog! But don't ask me to pet someone else's....yuck..I feel like I need to wash my hands afterwards...even if I really like the dog!