Tuesday, January 20

OHHH Obama!

So I have read several blogs tonight, watched the news and felt inspired to blog about how I feel about today's events. At almost 40 years old I have been around for a few, well OK, several Inaugurations but to be honest this is the first one I have really been excited about. I mean in my adult life we really only had Clinton and the Bush's and yes I have voted in all the elections I have been able to vote in ( I think) but this is the one I really felt good about voting in. I agree with my friend April who stated that all Presidential Inauguration's are historical but this one for me is more so than the ones of my adult past and yes I admit for me a huge part of it is the racial aspect. I saw a black woman on the television tonight who was very elderly, like in her late 90's and slavery was a part of her life, her past. Mothers had to part with there children how brothers and sisters were seperated and sold, to even hear that word "sold" when referring to children makes me extemely sad and shameful of our ancestors. Watching this woman cry and only imagining what she had experienced in her lifetime due to her race and what she must have been feeling at this very moment to see this is her lifetime, made me cry.

I am so proud of our nation for setting aside skin color in this election, so very proud. My parents grew up in the times of segregation in San Francisco, and were both extremely racist (sorry Mom and Dad if you read this but you know its true and I have told you so on more than one occasion) I, growing up in town that really had no blacks and I was not racist in the least despite the views of my parents. I recall a time when I was oh maybe 19 or 20 years old stopping by there house with a friend of mine who was black and my parents were furious I brought him "into there home". This was less than 20 years ago and not only do they "now" have "black friends" but they "both" voted for Obama and proudly so. I mention this because I am so proud of the change and this change it appears does not just lie with my parents or yours but an entire nation (or at least the majority vote). Now I am not saying it is perfect, I think race issues still exist and always will in some but it is so much better than just a few decades ago.

I also believe this event is so historical for my generation and the ones below me as this is "one" of the most historic events I believe in our lifetime thus far, do you not agree? My parents had JFK and the walk on the moon and we have Obama and sadly 9-11. My four year old has been walking around today telling me Obama was our new President and her 6 year old brother has been quick to correct her in saying "no, his name is Barack Obama, and he lives at the White House now". Now they have no idea of the significance of today or what our future might bring because of today but they know it is a big deal. My mother remembers being in grade school and watching about JFK on the television, my 6 year old son watched the Inauguration in his class today at school, both historic for the time.

I close in wanting to express how full of hope I am feeling.....not only because we have a "black" President but because we have hope for a better future. Our economy is rock bottom, the housing market horrible, the job market slumped, and I think this election has come at the right time, the right time for hope for everyone, it could not come at a better time to have a new leader at the reigns, to give the people hope in change, that things can only get better.

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{april kennedy} said...

Oh Lisa,

I loved this post! And my thoughts changed a little. My awareness broadened and my excitement more...knowing that I can be excited there is a black president without it sounding racist....which was everything I was trying to avoid. Thanks for this great post and for your honesty.