Friday, January 23

She is such a Sweetie

I just have to share something from this evening. Ella, our 4 yr old is lately into making her own "sandwich" for lunch. She is so proud of herself everyday when we let her make her own pb&j (her favorite). So, she does this often and we let her, gives her independence, pride, etc....
So this evening she is in the kitchen I am doing something at the kitchen table (bills) and she says she is making a sandwich. Ok, I think, I don't have to make her any dinner, cool. So, a few minutes later I vaguely remember her telling me she was making Daddy a sandwich for work, to be honest I really was not paying all that much attention. She was quiet, occupied, she put everything back (shocker, cause you should see her room!!) ok, end of story, no.

Later tonight, long after they have gone to bed. I go into the kitchen and realize there is a lunchbox hanging from a drawer knob near the cabinet/counter that Daddy leaves his keys on, I leave his lunchbox on when he goes to work. So, I open it up to find that Ella had indeed made Daddy a sandwich. She had made him a mayo/mustard and cheese sandwich. She had cut it in half (yes with a butter knife) on the diagonal which is so funny cause earlier I do remember her telling me as she was trying to get me to eat a butter sandwich she had made that when she is at her Grammy and Papa's house, Grammy cuts the sandwiches in triangles (on the diagonal, where I cut them just in half). The sweetie had also put each half in its own Ziploc sandwich bag and then packed it into a lunchbox for her Daddy. Who by the way had gone to work already for the night.

Is that the sweetest thing ever!!! I JUST LOVE HER!

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