Wednesday, June 30

The Coupon Game

I am learning slowly, the coupon game while shopping.  My sister told me awhile ago the trick is to not buy things with coupons when you need them, to buy them when you find a deal so that you later have it when you do need it.  Sunday I bought the paper and clipped my coupons, it was kinda fun actually, Ella helped.  I found a couple of online sites, recommendations from a blog comment, thanks for the tip!  Today I did some shopping and would love to share my deals...

  • Had a $2 off coupon from the paper for some Schick Razors.  Read online that Walmart carried these razors for $1.97 and sure enough they did.  12 pack of razors after coupon FREE. 
  • $2 off coupon for some Bic razors (pack of 4), had two of these coupons.  Walmart had them on sale for $2.88 price after coupons .88 each. 
  • $2.50 off coupon for Finish Dishwashing tablets package of 20.  Price at WM was $3.87 price after coupon $1.37.
  • Edge mens shaving cream was $1.97 on sale for $1.68 used a .75 coupon, price after coupon .93
  • Womens Skintimates shave gel was $1.97 on sale for $1.68 used a .75 coupon, price after coupon was .93
  • Colgate toothpaste $1.50, used a .75 coupon, price after coupon was .75
  • New Kellogs Cinnabon breakfast cereal at WM was $1.90 a box which is a good deal in itself, I had 2 coupons for $1 off each so price after coupon was .90 a box
I saved about $14 which was not a bad start in my opinion. Next I headed on over to Safeway as today a new ad was running.  The big deal I was going for and I had no coupons was they had all Pepsi and Coke products 12 packs on sale starting today for buy 2 get 4 free, yes you read that right.  Almost every available 12 pack was in this deal, from regular Coke and Pepsi to Dr. Pepper, Sprite, 7-up, Root Beer, Fresca and so on...and there was NO LIMIT. The regular price of a 12 pack is 5.99 so buy 2 for 11.98 and get 4 free.  Well here in Calif, not exactly free as we are charged a CRV fee on each pack.  Basically everytime we buy a can, a bottle, plastic, glass, aluminium we are charged a fee for recycling.  So "if" you return those items to a recycling center you basically get your money back, but how many people actually do.  So the CRV fee on each 12 pack came to .60.  Now normally we very rarely have soda in our home the summer we have camping trips, BBQ's etc so we do buy and drink it.  I bought 8- 12pks at 5.99 each and got 16- 12pks for FREE.  It would have cost me at regular price for the 24 -12 pks a whopping $158 and change and that is including the CRV fee.  My cost for the 24- 12pks with the CRV fee included was $62.32 so nearly a $100 savings and averaged out to a cost of about $2.60 a 12pk.  I have soda coming out my ears but I am guessing this will last us 6 months or more at least!  I also picked up some hot dogs and threw them in the freezer when I got home.  They were on sale for buy 1 get 2 free, Oscar Meyer so I got 3 packages for around $4.50 I think and saved almost $10 on those.  I am sure I could have found a coupon online for the soda and the hot dogs and did not even think about it till afterwards...maybe next time.


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I read an article several years ago (and so wish I had saved it) but the basic idea was that we should shop like large companies do; i.e. buy things when they are on sale - not when you are completely out of them. They suggested having an area (i.e. like a corporate warehouse) that you could store these items and you kept "inventory" of what you had and stocked up as your inventory ran low and your items were on "special". Based on your example - can you just imagine how much money we could save in a year's time???

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

What a great shopping trip to WM you had! And the the soda!! I wouldn't have been able to do that as well as you did. We don't drink much soda in our house only because I don't buy it. My 19 year old son would drink a soda for bkst lunch and dinner if I let him. Who knows how much soda he drinks when I'm not looking! LOL
Patricia :o)

Michelle F said...

You rock the coupons girl! I love the coupons that come in the Sunday paper with all of the ads too. Awesome tip from your sister too. We totally use restaurant coupons as well,heck yeah I use a B1G1 at IHOP.