Sunday, May 1

One Hundred and One Yard Sales

Well...I don't know exactly how many there were, but there was a lot! Annually, the first weekend in May a nearby town does one big yard sale so to speak.  An entire sub-division of homes is involved and there are literally, I am guessing over a 100 yard sales going on during this weekend in this little area.  My girlfriend and I went, on the hunt for...well, whatever we could find that we liked.  We estimate we physically went to about 30 yard sales in the span of 4 hours and drove by, real slow, another 30 or 40 maybe looking quickly for anything that caught our eye.  The parking was terrible as there were hundreds of cars parked, looking for parking and or driving around.  But...we did manage to fill my SUV and between the two of us, for less than $100!  I myself only came home with a few finds, being on a very very limited income I could not get "everything" I liked.  But the items I did come home with I got for a steal, in my opinion.

My first find.  A world globe.  I, for some reason have always wanted one and given the kids are now at the age where they are asking where is London? where is Australia? now I can show them.  I liked this one for several reasons.  It is a bit more "vintage looking" although it is not.  But, the water is not bright blue like modern day globes and this one lights up! And, I liked the base which has thermometer, barometer and some other meter I am not sure of.
  My yard sale price.....$2!  How could I pass that up?

I was on the hunt for a bench or chest, something I could put at the foot of our bed.  Something for storage and also something strong enough that my husband could sit on to put on his shoes.  I came across this vintage painted chest.  I like the detail on the front and the legs and to my surprise when I opened it, it was cedar!  The inside was unpainted and it still smells, bargain!  So...later this week I will be throwing a coat of white paint on this ,very excited about this find.  Asking $20 I got it for $15.

My final find of the day was a small vintage tiered table.  The gal told me that it was her mothers and had been in storage for more than 20 years.  I liked the size, the chippy blue paint, and I got it for $5.  I had no idea where I was going to put the thing when I got it home but home with me it went.

Total cost for the day a whopping $22, I probably spent more in gas to get there.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lisa, that was my dream day, OMG 100 yeard sales! the covered chest was a great find, and a little paint will fix the other find up! Thank you for entering my giveaway, I hope you win!


Michelle said...

I love everything you got. I'm jealous of the chest and the table looks exactly like one my family had growing up. Good job on the bargain hunt. I just bought a cheese dome for $3, going to spray paint I'll send pics later. Good job Lisa!

Gretchen said...

Our local all town sale is in April and I always have so muc hfun going to these! Especially love the little table you picked up :)