Sunday, June 7

An end to the T-ball Season

Our T-ball season is over, oh thank you Jesus! Yesterday was our last game and hopefully my last game coaching the little ones. This was my second year coaching (last year my girlfriend and I Stacey co-coached together). This year I did it solo and it was not really that bad, however it would have been so much better had my own two kids not have been on the team! They cannot seperate the mommy role verses the coach role and I as the coach cannot be dealing with there little tantrums and issues, I have 13 other kids to deal with who are NOT giving me attitude! We did have fun, it was a great bunch of kids, but I am glad it is over and we can move onto the next thing this summer. Yesterday right after the game we had our little team party at the school, the parents did an awesome job serving us a "brunch, I handed out the trophies, the kids played and I even got a great coach gift (a $100 gift card to Applebee's). Between all the gift certificates Matt gets teaching DARE and this one, we now have quite an assortment of great places to go for "date nights" now we just need to set aside the time to do so! Here is the team for the last time all together, I am standing inbetween both my little ones.

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