Monday, June 8

New projects coming....

One of the reasons I am so excited about summer vacation is I will have the time to finish some projects and get my darn Etsy store up and running! I have many items ready to list and more ideas in my head!! Lots of new product just sitting in my space ready to be used and created. I have also been picking up lots of vintage jewelry to revamp into hair accessories and perhaps some rings. My friend April (Funky Vintage Kitchen, see link at right) makes these really cute button rings and when I was over there last week to buy some it got my creative juices flowing when I came home to a a package in the mail of a vintage necklace and earring set I had purchased on ebay. I thought how cute to turn the clip on earrings into a cocktail type ring or matching hair pin. And of course I do not want to do the same thing as she is, she is doing the cute lucite roses and button rings/hair pins/earrings, you should check hers out, and the cutest dang aprons you ever did see. So, with the idea in my head I ran with it and have been buying online left and right for the last several days. The majority of my purchases have been vintage enamel pins, the bright metal chunky floral ones, and beaded clip on earrings, but mostly the enamel items. I cannot wait to turn these into hair pins/clips or even rings! So stay tuned for some fun stuff coming up, as well as some new mini albums, maybe even page layouts for sale.

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{april kennedy} said...

hahaha! We can do the same things. I don't mind. I picked up at an Estate sale a ton of clip on earrings that I ripped off the backs of and made into cocktail rings. Also big metal dome rhinestone buttons. They are as much fun! There are plenty of people out in the big wide world to buy them. Keep creating. Great minds think alike and the more they are out there, the more people will realize they HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

I also found a small supplier for the metal flower rings like the one you showed me on Ebay. I got a few of them. They are really cute, but a little pointy, but great colors. Come and glue with me and we can see each other's creations and possibly do a trade for your finds for my finds!