Sunday, June 7

Ella graduates from Pre-school

I can hardly believe my baby girl is going to be five years old here in a few months, and going to kindergarten. This week she graduated from preschool in a little ceremony they had for the kids. This is the 4th year in a row we have been at the preschool, Carson our son went for 3 years and then Ella went this last year. Sad, but I will sure be glad to not have to make those payments anymore. The difference from Ella and Carson at this age is night and day. Her, being a girl gave her an advantage and also being the younger child of the two. Carson we waited and started him in Kindergarten a bit later (he turned 6 in Oct, just a month or so after school started) and he still struggled this year. Ella will be turning 5 in October a month or so after school starts and she is so far ahead of where he was at, at age 6. So here is to crossing our fingers she does not struggle like he did, I am sure she will be fine. The school we have them has the 2nd highest ratings in the county and is called an "alternative program", in which parent particpation is required and you are scheduled to work in the classroom so many days per child you have in the program. I will have two in the program next year so I will be there a lot, so I also decided to be the kindgarten room mom since I will be there anyways. A BIG bonus is that kindergarten is all day too! yippee! Mommy time, no kids! So here are pictures of my baby girl the day of her graduation, such a big kid now!

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roseylittlethings said...

SO SWEET! WOW, I can't believe she is going to Kindergarten all ready!