Monday, June 8

Moving on up!

Today my son Carson had his "promotion" ceremony at school. He is moving up next year from Kindergarten to the BIG 1st Grade! Why is it the schools do this I am not really sure. I can see when they promote from grade school to middle school or middle school to high school but why kinder to first grade? They had a small little ceremony, my parents even drove up for the event and stayed the night last night which was nice. My Mom and Ella and I hit Starbucks this morning and had a nice time sitting outside drinking my lifeline, took Ella to dance class so grandma got to see her dance as well. Matt rode into town with my dad, a little one on one man time. At the ceremony the kids recited a cute little poem, and of course Carson was thrilled to perform, it is what he loves to do! We need to get that kid into drama or something, dance, some kind of performing arts. Then each child got to come up and receive a certificate and take a photo with the teacher and then afterwards they had a little gathering in the classrooom and each child was given a gift (a book) and each parent was given a picture (the picture above and cap and gown was only for the picture, not the ceremony). If you follow my blog you know our daughter will be entering Kindergarten in the fall so we get to this all over again! 2 years apart the kids are (to the month) but only one year apart in school (we waited till Carson was older) I think it will be great to have them so close in school in the future. Plus we will have just done the homework so when it rolls around for Ella, we might actually know how to do it! LOL Before I know it he really will be wearing a true cap and gown and we will be watching him cross the stage at his high school graduation. Until then however I am going to enjoy each and every one of these little milestones and take lots of video!

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