Sunday, June 7

A rare family photo

For someone who takes thousands of pictures a year and whose hobby is scrapping them, I am terrible at getting professional pictures taken. Just ask my husband who has many times reminded me of the lack of family photo in our home. In fact our youngest child is almost 5 years old and we have never had a family picture taken professionally, bad mommy, bad mommy! So, yesterday we were at a wedding of a good friend Debbie and I thought "hey", lets get a family shot! We took several and of course the best of us, were under a tree with a nice little shadow covering most of our faces, perfect! Aware of this fact we moved into the sun and as luck would have it, either one of our eyes were closed or the kids had some quirky look on there faces, sure...we actually are dressed nice, are all together and it just was not meant to be. It would seem I need to find the time to make an appointment that suits our schedule, gather us all up for the grand event, and spend a small fortune on a family photo. I am aware more than ever that I should get this done sooner than later. Before I know it the kids will be heading off to college (well, not really) but you never know what life will throw you. It is proably best to have that precious memory taken while you still can, and while they are still little so you can reflect back on how stinking cute they were and how young we actually looked 20 years from now when the kids have moved away and I have nothing left of my babies but a few photos and an occasional phone call! So this is what we ended up with. Not quite gallery quality, but it will have to do until the next one.

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The Cookbook Junkie said...

You guys look great, even with the shadow.

My son's preschool wanted a family picture so we had my BIL take one. I look so horrible and I have to see that darn picture on the wall everytime I walk in there.