Tuesday, May 31

Bakery Outlet = HUGE Savings!

Do you have a Bakery Outlet near you?

  Do you even know what a a bakery outlet is?

  If your looking to save some money on your grocery bill, and your not sure if you have one near, you should really look into it, it could save you quite a bundle.  Our nearest outlet is about 20 minutes away so each time I hit the mall, which is not real often I make sure that I can fit a visit into the bakery outlet nearby.  Our outlet is a Oroweat/Entenmann's outlet which
 not only offers those two brands but also Francisco, Thomas', Sahara, Old country as well as many others including not only bread products but cookies, pastries, fruit snacks, tortilla's and more.  Each visit you get your "punch card" punched for free items off future purchases. Check with your local store to see if they offer additional punches for being "green" and bringing in your own bags.  Our outlet will punch an additional $5 off your card for doing so. Each day they have "manager" specials, for example today with a $7 purchase you got to chose a loaf  of bread for FREE.  These outlets are great especially if you plan to buy a lot and freeze, which is what I do.  Most items are days within the suggested "best buy"date,  for example today I purchased 5 loaves of  bread for $1 each (normally about $3.79 each retail in stores) because the "best buy" date was today. 

Using my completed punch card I got 2 FREE items, a FREE item  for spending over the $7 and a array of great deals.
Total bill today was $22 for


{april kennedy} said...

careful...you might find yourself on one of those crazy coupon shows!! good job.

don't we have a orowheat store locally on third street that sells at outlet prices their bread getting close to best buy date?

roseylittlethings said...

Where is this outlet. My family eats a loaf of bread in a day or two:-/