Saturday, May 28

Jam Jars

I need jam jars and I want them cheap!  Anyone know where I can purchase canning jars for a reasonable price? They can be so expensive. 

  A couple of weeks back I made some Pepper Jelly (24 jars), think I blogged about it below.  Posted it in my status on Facebook and sold all of it in 2 days.  So the other day, totally not a sales pitch either, I post my status that today I had made more pepper jelly (6 jars) Strawberry Jam (12 Jars) and I had even made some coffee and brown sugar body scrub (6 jars).  Well.. orders started flying in.  Out of all that listed, I have 1 jar or Strawberry jam left and 2 jars of body scrub.

 I think I have my own little enterprise going... OK so maybe not an enterprise but you never know.

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Gretchen said...

Micheal's sells canning jars and I use my coupons on them, so that helps some. With a 40% coupon these are much cheaper than Wal Mart, which is the cheapest regualr priced place I have found.

Also, I don't know if you have an ACE up there, but I always stock up on canning jars when they run their bag days or big coupons....