Wednesday, May 4

Can We Barter?

Several months ago I was asked by a friend and local business owner if I could make a sandwich board aka A frame sign for a gal who was looking for one.  They had originally asked this friend but with a full plate she told them "I know just the person"...which happened to be moi!  I contacted the person via email and we worked out what she wanted and in return we would "barter" for goods...fabulous!

Recently our city banned all A frame signs within city limits, we live in a very touristy town and I suppose the council thought they took away from the look of the city they were going for...whatever!  In all honestly, I think the whole idea is terrible.  You should be allowed to have a sign outside your door, in fact one our local antique shops reported in the first month of the ban that her business dropped by 30%.  It may seem as if I am going off topic but I am getting to the point.  Since the ban I thought rather than buying materials and having my husband create a new sign I would reach out and see if I could "recycle" a sign that could no longer be used.  I posted a Facebook status asking ...and BINGO I got one!  One less item in a landfill and saved me the cost of materials to make a new one.

So this week I found the time to make the sign.  A new coat of paint and using my handy dandy Cricut and some contact paper I made the letters.  Sealed it with a coat of clear spray paint and ...ta da, all finished.  I drove it out to the farm to hand it over to the new owner and she LOVED it!  I was so relieved.  I was given a tour of the grounds, the farm (in the county and can have an A frame sign) where they specialize in home grown, all natural products.  Free range chicken meat, non-gmo, eggs and pesticide free fruits, herbs and vegetables. What a great barter?  Healthy food for my family in exchange.  I mean we all need food right?  We all need to cut our grocery cost whenever we can, correct?

I think bartering is a fabulous idea and I know many people do it, but I don't think we do it enough. In today's economy where most of us are one paycheck away from being homeless I think more people should consider it and actually do it.  Think of the money we could save, we could all save.  If your neighbor is a hair dresser perhaps you could mow the lawn in exchange for a cut?  If you have a garden and a you know someone who has eggs, you could swap some veges for some eggs.  You get the idea. So the next time your in need of something and you know someone who can perhaps help you out maybe you should ask...."can we barter"?


Sarah said...

I agree with your thoughts on bartering...and your sign looks great!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Gretchen said...

I TOTALY agree with you on bartering... I just wish more people were willing to do it!!! I am ALWAYS open to bartering... so if you know anyone who needs my skills make sure and pass my name along :)And I will remember you too in my converstions when I can't meet a need :)