Saturday, May 14

Help! Laundering a Cross-stitch

I picked up this darling vintage cross stitch today at a yard sale, in the frame for $1.  However it needs to be cleaned in the worst way.  The backing looks as if it was originally a linen color to begin with so not as dirty as appears in the picture (and a lot is visual dust that looks as tho it could be brushed off) but its pretty dirty.  Most of the aging appears to be on the reverse side of the frame.  Anyone have any tried and true ways to clean this without harming the stitching and or threading color?  Google has a million and one ideas I am  sure but if you have successfully cleaned one I would love to hear an actual testimonial. 
Thanks so much in advance
 I am  loving my dollar find.


tales from an oc cottage said...

Hi Lisa...sorry to contact you here but your email addy is not connected to your return comment and I can't seem to locate it anywhere on your blog. You did leave a comment for the give away last week...never fear...there was an issue with Blogger one day and anyone who commented that day...for some reason...I can't publish their comments, but I have them marked so that I will remember to include them!!
Sorry for the confusion!

m ^..^

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lisa, I just know you can get it clean. Your right there is a million ways to clean. I sell linen in my booth and have had the most success with dishwasher liquid, Now I am talking about the dishwasher soap for the dishwasher. Then of course adding Biz or Oxy clean. Good luck, let us know if it comes clean. Oh, and you can soak it for days, empty the water and resoak


The Polka Dot Closet said...

If that does not work on the cross stitch, let me know I have a couple other ideas for cleaning


nancarts said...

I used to do framing in a shop, and
we always used woolite. Use basin or sink...let the piece soak...squeeze the x-stitch between not wring..rinse several times in clear water..cold..roll up in a towel to remove excess water..lay out flat on a dry towel until the piece dries...iron using a cloth.
Hope this helps! I find it does a good cleaning job. Let me know if you use this method and results.
Thanks....Smiles,Blessings and Peace, Nancy