Saturday, May 14

CVS Cereal Deals

So I was a little late looking at the CVS ad as the current ad ends today.  So...having several cereal coupons in my stash the kids and I just ran down there to grab some deals on Kellogg's cereals.  Many of them  were on sale for $1.97 each and a a few I picked up were on sale for 2/$5 now even with my $1 off coupon off two I would not normally buy them  at $2 each kids were with me and they NEVER are when I shop so I did can you fight them  when they are insisting you buy Mini Wheat's?  Not like it was Captain crunch.  I had a couple $1 off two coupons from  Sunday ads and if  you go to Kellogg's website and join,  there are many you can print online and more than once, which I did.  I also had a couple newspaper coupons for .70 off each of  the Raisin Bran which brought each box down to $1.27's bill was:
12 boxes of cereal with a combined regular price of $57.68
After ad sales and coupons my price was $19.36
for a savings of $38.32
The new ad starts tomorrow and is already available to view online at the CVS website, I looked at it very briefly but will be sure to get there much sooner than I did this ad campaign.

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