Wednesday, May 11

Garden Complete

well...just about complete. Everything is finally planted I just need to finish the fencing.  We have lots of little critters I need to fence out, skunks & jackrabbits, so just doing a short 2 foot wire fence.  This is the first year we are doing some raised beds, I have heard that raised beds are the way to go.  The remaining of the plants and all of the corn I planted in the ground.  Mixed the soil with some chicken manure and had some miracle grow pellets left so thought "can't hurt" so threw that on there too. 

Also the first year using straw as a mulch for the ground plants.  Last year when we lived at the house down the road the weeds we just unbearable.  I could not keep up with them and they quickly took over.  Hoping with different soil, and the straw it will really help, as well as help keep some moisture in the ground.  We are unable to install a water system for the garden itself such as drip line and related, we currently live on near 10 acres and we have NO water system such as a sprinkler system anywhere on the property. We have hoses upon hoses tied into together, to be honest its a huge pain! 

So...very excited to start to see some plants grow bigger.  Many of the items we planted we started inside from seed, the kids love to watch the progress of seeds as they grow. Hoping for a very plentiful season so we can enjoy fresh, "can" for later, and share with friends.  Our garden contains the following: salad cucumbers and pickling cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash and spaghetti squash.  A couple of pumpkin plants, watermelon, cantaloupe, orange flesh (no idea, I thought I bought honeydew and when I got home it was this) corn, beans, 7 different kinds of tomatoes, red bell, yellow bell and green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, a few beets, trying Brussels sprouts see how that goes, and today I planted carrots, Swiss chard and lettuce.  I think that's it! Oh of course I planted sunflowers down one side and some flowers as well to make it look pretty!

Did you plant a garden?  What do you have in it that I don't have and what is your best gardening tip?  I am still pretty new to it (just a couple years) so would love to hear about yours.

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