Tuesday, May 31

I am so lucky!

Lucky for various reasons of course.  Lucky to have healthy little kids, a great husband (most of the time  LOL) a roof  over our head, great parents, of  course I am  lucky.

  But...today I am  especially lucky as today I found out I won a giveaway. 

 I swear I do not spend my days entering them, I enter my share but most from  blogs I already follow and or blogs that they follow and I have found.  So fun to find new blogger's.  I could literally spend my days reading them  all.  Such fabulous ideas shared, funny and heartbreaking stories, some you find a common bond with and can really relate and others you may not but may learn a thing or two.

So I follow Perfectly Imperfect, great site for those of  us who love all thing crafty  and or vintage.  Shaunna hosted a week of giveaways, each day with a different giveaway from  another blogger and or Etsy seller.  My win, a $20 store credit to Dulcitas Little Sweets, a cute little Etsy shop featuring vintage items, cake plates, and other handmade items.  Right up my Alley.  Thank you to Shaunna for hosting the giveaways, fun..fun!

Now what do I pick?  I love it all but have it narrowed it down to a few items.

Cottage-Inspired Love Birds: Gerald and Velma

Light Sage Shelf and Hanger

Pair of Cottage Style Gray Candlesticks

(all photos from  Dulcitas, Little Sweets for the Home)

What would you pick?

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

seee.... I told you.... you always win :)

The candle sticks... totally the candle sticks :)