Saturday, May 7

Today's Agenda...Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

I make this pepper jelly, Jalapeno pepper jelly and to be honest it is quite tasty! It is actually not spicy or "hot" rather a sweet, tangy flavor with maybe a tiny little "kick". Served over cream cheese with crackers or bread as an appetizer or even used a baste for poultry.  Everyone who tries it, loves it and I have had many request for more jars recently. My husband has been bugging for months to enter it this summer into the county fair, I don't know...we will see about that. 

Unfortunately, peppers are not quite in season.  A red bell pepper at our local Safeway is $2.99 each, ouch!  I already had some jars so at least I did not have the purchase of new ones this go around. So even without having to buy jars this first batch it was still quite pricey once all ingredients and pectin were purchased.

So I posted a status on Facebook taking orders at $5 a jar (jelly jar size) which is very reasonable giving the price of similar jelly's in the valley where we live.  Re-orders at $6 a jar but...if they return jars I will knock a $1 off the price going back to the $5 a jar.  I made 24 jars thus far this weekend and have already sold ALL of them.  Guess I need to cracking and making some more!! 

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the follow, following back ! My cousin used to make a mean Pepper Jelly, I'm not surprised yours sold out ...