Sunday, July 13

4th of July Pictures

I uploaded my cf card today, whoa I am so behind in doing so. Thought I would post a couple pictures of the rugrats from the 4th of July festivities. They both ended up with those rub-on tattoo's on each cheek! I did not mind at the time, hey, all in fun. However a week later and they were still there and the fun was over. Ella was not real pleased when I whipped out the olive oil and scrubbed them off, gosh for some cheap ones, they were on there good.

Here is my 5 1/2 year old son Carson at the July 3rd fireworks at the local country club. The kids got lucky this year, fireworks and festivities both the night before and the night of the 4th.

And Ella, our 3 1/2 year old daughter. I know, I know, the eyes! We get comments on those baby blues everywhere we go. I have no idea where they both got those eyes and lashes! My mother said both my sister and I had those eyes when we were younger, my question is, where did they go?

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