Sunday, July 27

6 hours and counting............

My parents who live about 2 1/2 hrs away from us called this morning and told me that they want to spend as much time with the grandkids as they can before school starts in just 3 weeks. Yes my oldest is starting in Kindergarten , all day kinder at that 8:25am-2:40pm. So............they are coming tonight around 7pm to pick them up and take them for the whole week, that is the plan anyways, please children be good so you are not returned home pre-maturly. Not that I do not love my kids and miss them when they are gone, I do, but I also love the break and they are few and far between. Not only are they taking my two little ones, but they are also going to take my 2 nieces (ages 11 and 5), so they will have all 4 grandkids all week. What on earth are they thinking?

So, whatever am I going to do with myself all week? Well, I just got off the phone with a valley spa and Tuesday I am having the "works"! 75 minute massage, 1 hour facial and a mani-pedi, a full day of it, how exciting!

Proably clean my house and it will "stay clean" for more than just a day, proably scrap some, go grocery shopping "by myself", with no hassles, clean the cars out, unpack the boat, hang out with some girlfriends and maybe catch a movie. I still want to see Sex and the City, the last movie I saw in the Theater was Hannah Montana in 3d! It has been 'years and years" since I saw a movie that just "I" wanted to see. Teaching classes on Thursday and Friday evenings and taking a Tim Holtz class on Saturday with my girlfriend Heather who I see maybe twice a year, and yes we live in the same town.

No, I did not mention anything "romantic" planned with the hubby cause he is working all week. Nothing pre-arranged, but maybe with any luck we might be able to do something for even just an hour or two each evening just the two of us, what exactly is that like?

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hollygtn said...

My oldest is starting all day K too! You are going to LOVE the Tim Holtz class!!! And I've been wanting to see SITC since my b-day last month...need to just line up a sitter!