Thursday, July 10

Upcoming classes

Classes have started at the LSS I teach at, by the way it is called Scrapper's Depot, not sure I mentioned that before. I taught my first class last week, a card class emphazing different embossing techniques. It went well considering I just started making cards, attendance was low, I had 2 students, but the store has only been open for not even a month now and the classes just started.

I have 2 more classes "on the books", coming up in the next few weeks. We have a max of 12 spots for any class and I found out today that my Explosion Box class is not only booked full, but there is a waiting list and they want me to set a date to repeat the class so everyone interested can get in on it. Great news since my Vegas trip is coming up and I could use the extra spending money for the spa or something at the hotel! :)

Here are the samples of the two classes I have coming up, the first is the explosion box class where they will be able to pick the paper they want to use for whatever theme they wish. I will also be teaching them how to create the bow on top which is a technique they can use often for any gift giving decoration.

The second is a "squash book" class using SEI Chick-a Dee or Chick-a-Do papers in a boy or girl theme. The front and back covers are 6x6 canvas's, chalked with chalk ink and a cool folding technique using 12x12 printed papers and of course the cricut for embellishing.

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Wife2TJ said...

Wow, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You did a wonderful job!