Monday, July 28


It is a good thing the kids are gone for the week, or they would have been so"busted"! Backtrack for a moment here, the kids have a habit of going into the garage and getting into the upright freezer we have out there to sneak "otter pops". We have had to start locking it, but sometimes Mommy does not always remember, and they fully take advantage of that. Ella, especially our littlest child, oh she is a mischievous thing that one.
So, today while picking up the house I noticed a piece of plastic, garbage, coming out from behind the couch, mind you I had cleaned behind there just before our vacation and we have only been back a week. So, I pull the couch out only to find this:


That would be empty plastic otter pop wrappers! OH, those little stinkers...Just to give you an idea of exactly how many, look at this:

Soit seems my kids have been jacking themselves up on sugar all week, that would explain why I have been at my wits end with both of them for the last several days. Lesson learned....mental note to make sure I lock the freezer every single time I am out there~


- Karen said... gotta love those little buggers!

Anonymous said...

too funny - you have to do a layout with these- little ones can be so sneaky

KimS said...

That is soooooooooooo funny!!!! Sounds like something I am sure that I did when I was a kid.

Dina said...

That's too funny!! I opened a drawer just the other day and I found an ice cream sandwhich wrapper in it,I could not beleive my eyes!! I have an almost 9 year old boy and a 6 year old girl, Let me tell you I did not expect to see that, being that the garbage pail is 3 feet away. Kids-gotta love them

Micki said...

Ok that's not funny, but SO funny at the same time!!!

ScrapperDot said...

Oh Lisa. I had to chuckle when I saw this. My DS and DD (14 and 11) still to this. I find wrappers under couch cusions, in drawers, anywhere they can put them thinking they'll get away with it!! If they'd just throw them away, we'd really be none the wiser, but they just don't seem to get it!! Gotta love 'em, though!

Melissa said...

Thank you for the good laugh this morning! Too cute! hee hee