Wednesday, July 23

Sadly, we are home from Vacation

Well, vacation is over! We arrived home yesterday (Tues) about 3pm, enough time for Matt to unload the suitcases full of dirty clothes, shower and head off to work. However, we had a great trip and are all sad to see it come to an end.

My parents took the kids on a Friday; I believe it was the 11th which gave Matt and I the whole weekend together, alone. We went to a party that evening at a friend’s house, the following day he golfed while I worked around the house and Sunday we went out to a nice dinner to the Rutherford Grille up valley. We had not been there, just the two of us anyways since our very first date 9 years ago. We had a fantastic time, and we were actually seated at the same table (we think) where it all began.

Monday we headed up to my parents about an hour out of Sacramento where we spent the next 4 days in the heat (hotter than you know what), lounging by and in the pool with the kids. They love it up there, lots of room to run and play, ride there bikes, play in the dirt, go fishing, lots of outdoor activities. I did get to venture out one day and drove the hour to Rocklin to check out the scrap store called Green Tangerines, a huge store, highly recommended. I thought it carried a lot, is was more of a sterile store I call it, not real inviting or quaint maybe is the word as most the smaller brick and mortar stores, but I still managed to spend a pretty penny in there and I did get a few good ideas for some mini album classes to teach in the future.

Here is Matt and Carson playing around in pool at my parent’s house.

And this is my handsome son at the pool.

Friday we packed up and headed up to Tahoe to meet up with some friends who had invited us to join in on there annual family vacation. Mike and Jill have 3 kids of there own, but all there nephews and nieces were there as well, sisters and husbands, aunts/uncles, parents, a few close family friends and grandchildren and our gang, there were about 30 or so of us total at any given time. We have a boat and that was a hit, most of the kids aside from our own had never been on a ski boat before. The water at Tahoe is unbelievable, a beautiful blue and crystal clear, and yes a tad cold, but a refreshing cold. The kids rode bikes and played in the sand, hung out in the water, and I even got to relax in the sun in a lounger under an umbrella and read a book from front to back, (Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen), I have not read a book since we were in Cabo last spring.

Ella on her bike, between her bike and the razor scooters she is busy all day. And yes, our 3 1/2 year old, little Miss Independent can ride a bike with no training wheels!

The weather was just perfect, the company was great, it was relaxing, we met lots of new people and generally just had a good time.

We stopped at Costco on the way up there and purchased a 3 man tube to pull behind the boat, which yes, I did go on, a few times . Matt tried his best to maneuver the boat to throw me off the darn thing, but he failed, I hung on for dear life and poor Mike got thrown off every time. The kids who were brave enough to try it, had the best time and rode it over and over again. Jill’s niece Gabby was the most addicted and could not get enough, she was hilarious as she yelled and giggled, her laugh was infectious and entertained the rest of us onboard.

Matt in the Capt seat on our boat.

Ella enjoying the sun and wind in her face.
And tubing behind the boat, pictured from left to right, Mike, Gabby and myself on the far right.

Both Matt and I have been to Tahoe dozens of times, but the South Side mainly, the side with the Casinos and mainly during the winter ski season, as Tahoe is famous for both those attractions.

Isn't this just beautiful!

We both fell in love with the North Shore's, the beaches and the water, the small towns that run into each other and the majestic summer scenery. We will definitely be making this area an annual vacation spot, whether it’s boating or camping, or hotels, we will be coming back often.


roseylittlethings said...

I can't believe Ella can ride her bike with out training wheels all ready! CRAZY! Looks like a fun time! I loved Water for Elephants, chad is reading it right now and it enjoying it as well!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness....that view is breath taking! I wanna vacation there! lol