Saturday, May 15

Chippy Vintage Bench Pillows

I just finished sewing the pillows for the bench on my front porch.  They need to be sat on and smashed a bit to fill them out a bit, the seat cushion mainly, needs to be "flatter" I think.  I choose to make the seat cushion a pillow rather than a cushion with foam because...I had the fill on hand and the foam seating is really expensive at our only fabric store in town, so I decided to go with the cheaper option which was also the easier option, see how that worked! 

The flowers on each back pillow are really rough, frayed edges and such and meant to look that way.  I used what I had left over of the fabric and a few of the vintage hankie pieces I had left from making the pennant banner (see below).  I still need to spray with some UV protectant and heat dry (with blow-dryer via the directions) the porch is covered so not going to get a whole lot of sun or a lot of use, as we never sit out there, it is for looks of course!   So that is about as crafty as I am going to get today...still feeling a bit under the weather.

On another note the kids had there school carnival last night, so glad that is over.  However, having that out of the way means...the end of the school year is within arms reach.  I cannot believe how fast it went!!  The end of the year brings so many activities.  Next week we have a field trip to some marine marsh (they are learning about the plants and living things in these) and then off to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom the following week for a behind the scenes look at the marine life, that should be an interesting field trip however with 82 kids is the interesting part going to be what we are showed or...keeping them all in line!

Well off to check my oven which is "self cleaning" oh...the simple things in life that make it so much easier!!

 Happy Spring Day!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

i wish I was there, we would sit on those fabulous cushion have a soda and wait for them to squash! Shouldn't take long!


the VG huis said...

Hi Lisa,

Wow great bench for $20, it looks just darling with the new cushions you've made!! I love the fabric! Thank you so much for stopping in and for posting about my giveaway. I can't wait to go through more of your blog!


Sherry said...

I am working on a very similar project this weekend. I have the bench seat waiting for sewing sitting my table. I love the way yours turned out. The extra touches on the pillows make them so special. I am inspired by your project, I'll have to get to it.

Melinda Cornish said...

it looks awesome.....I have to recover a vintage trailer sofa cushion today and I am dreading it...I keep putting it off but the day is finally here....I love that you sew too!

Blonde Steel Magnolia said...

Love it-especially the colors. So homey!

Cindy said...

cute`CUTE! Love the colors!!!