Sunday, May 16

Tote bag Sew Along

My sewing skills are very limited...I can make pillows, valances, table runners, basically anything that is easy enough and requires very little skill .  However, one of my goals for 2010 was to expand on this so this is my big start.  I have never used a pattern before, as I have never made anything that really required one so I am doing a sew-a-long over at I Got The Notion, she has emailed us the pattern and supply list and we are in stage one of the process.  Where we live we don't have a great fabric store and the nearest Joann's is 45 min away so today while out of town at my sis-in laws birthday party I snuck out and ran to Joann's which was nearby and got my supplies.  I am very excited to get started and see how it goes, I thought a tote bag was an easy enough project to get started on so wish me luck!

This is the bag we will be making, this is the one she made at Notion.  (It does have several pockets inside too).

And this is the fabric I will be using to make mine! If it turns out decent enough I know just what to do with it as I have a friend turning 40 soon and I had her in mind when picking out the fabrics.

Will keep you updated on the process...

P.S. I also have some new scrapbook paper to play with too...and lots of idea's in my head in that arena too so check back in a couple of days for a  new layout of the day/week.


I-got-the-notion said...

Cute fabric Lisa! I think it will make a great bag especially for a gift. By the way, I think we have about 6 people in the sew-along so far. I am excited to see your bag too!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love the fabric, If I told you I was turning 40 could I have it!


Cindy said...

I am at the same sewing level as you! I would love to do more and have been wanting to make a purse. Thanks for the hot tip!