Friday, May 28

What are you weekend plans?

with 3 whole days of the kids being home and no where I have to be I have lots of things I want to do at home...just curious how much of that will actually get done?  what are your plans?  BBQ's, gatherings, parties, working in the yard, crafting, would love for you to share what you plan to put on your "plate" this weekend.

My to do list is as follows:
  • Make a cake tonight for my hubby to take to work tomorrow, they asked for my "baked Potato Salad" but I just got the request an hour ago so that is not going to happen.
  • Provided it actually DOES NOT rain, I will be planting my garden.  This has got to be done!
  • I was a bad girl and bought yet more fabric today...I have a pattern for a dress for Ella I want to try and I also want to get started on 2 more tote/handbags, cause I just LOVE the fabric!!
  • The local scrapbook store that I used to teach at and design for and was currently selling pre-made kits and layouts out of has announced it is week!  The entire store went 50% on wed so...I guess you can guess ...I have new scrapping stuff to play with.  Paper, ribbon, mini albums...I really need to break into that and get CREATIVE!
  • Paint rocking chair and coffee table
and oh you laundry, clean the house, I really have no plans of leaving to go anywhere which I really am looking forward too as I can wear jammies each day, all day.  No makeup, no shoes, heck no bra!

So what are your plans?  and if your "creating" please do share when you are done, I will be sharing...

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

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