Sunday, May 23

Darling Vintage Garden Markers

Not exactly sure how I landed on this etsy site Monkeys Always Look but I happened upon it yesterday and just had to share.  These are just darling, I love these little garden markers and can see many of them in my plant boxes and or windowsill, such a great idea! 


Danielle said...

These are so adorable! If I didn't kill every plant I have ever attempted to grow....or look at for that matter, I would love an herb garden with these. Those pillows that you made or fantastic!!!

Kathy said...

these are very cute! Would be sweet in the garden!

Flaviana said...

Hi Lisa
I agree.. there are many garden markers around but those are the prettiest!
xo Flaviana

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

These are what I have been looking for!!
I found a pile of silver-handled knives at Goodwill, and I have been wondering what kind of craft to make with them.
This is it.
I have an raised-bed organic veggie garden outside my basement cafe', and I have those ugly plastic tab markers labeled in Sharpie pen (ew) and have been wanting something a little more elegant to look at.
Well, can you tell I'm excited?
I have to head over to Amazon and look at the metal stamping sets!
Anyway, back to earth.
I am so glad you stopped by my home--WELCOME--stop by anytime!
I got your entries (friend #125) for the birdcage, thank you!
It is so nice to meet you!
Blessings to you as you make your home!

Melanie said...

Hey Lisa-

You WON my tutu bug tutu giveaway!! Please email me at