Sunday, May 2

Not bad for a Redneck!

So Thursday my status on Facebook read "you know your married to a Redneck when he uses a road flare to get the fire going in the living room fireplace!".  Sometimes that man never ceases to amaze skip to Friday late afternoon.  Hubby comes home with kids after running some errands, I am on the couch and completely exhausted.  I had worked 4 hectic hours in the kindergarten class earlier in the day, gone to the bank, paid some bills, ran to the grocery store, the consignment store etc...I was tired!  So he walks in the front door and says to me "find something nice to wear we are going out tonight".  My first reaction was "what!, I am tired, I don't want to go anywhere (we never go anywhere!!), who is going to watch the kids?".  Hubby then tells me he has taken care of that too....hmnnn..."what has gotten into my man" I think.

So we arrive a the restaurant , Restorante Allegria and he tells them we are here and they escort us to our table where waiting for me was a a bouquet of a dozen roses on the table.  Apparently my "Redneck" and the kids had gone there earlier in the day and left them....amazing, even more amazing is that my 5 year old chatterbox daughter never said a word!  The roses were "beautiful", really nothing I had seen before, he proceeds to tell me that the reason he got these is because the florist stated women like this particular type because they are "vintage" looking....boy, he really does know me!! 

The meal was fabulous!!!  I drank blood orange martini's and the Napa Cabbage dinner salad was....amazing!  I would go back just for that.  Shredded Napa cabbage, bacon, sourdough croutons, bleu cheese, tomatoes and a warm red wine vinaigrette, to die for!  My entree was mushroom ravioli's with scallops and shrimp with a cream sauce and cheesecake for desert. 

Saturday morning he woke before the rest of us and ran out and brought back donuts and a latte for him and I and hot chocolates for the kids.

That man... the only man I know dressed in full on camouflage while skiing down the slopes and I do mean full on camo....from jacket to pants to hat and gloves, you never know the gentleman behind a redneck!


roseylittlethings said...

that salad is one of my faves!

Gretchen said...

Sounds like you found a diamond in the rough.... and that it's a reneck diamond? That just adds another layer of character!