Tuesday, May 25

I am a blog giveaway winner today!

I got a little note in my blog comments today from Melanie at Tutu Bug blog that I was her winner in her recent giveaway for a handmade tutu from her website.  How exciting to win something, anything, I feel so special.  So, when my little princess Ella got home from school today we got onto the website as we were allowed to pick any tutu she wanted.  Carson, my near 8 year old son was a bit unhappy when he asked if he could get one too and I had to tell him no, that boy likes his girly stuff!

It was a hard decision for a 5 year old to make, they are all so pretty.  If I were choosing I would have gone with the Purple Swirl or the Bubblegum one but I think the rainbow of colors caught her eye as she choose the Gumdrop after changing her mind several times.

An hour later she is bugging me..."mommy, can we check the mail to see if my tutu is here?" to which I had to explain that it is not and it won't be for a week or so, it will be a surprise when it does arrive.  I think she gets her impatience from her mommy...when I am expecting a package of scrap goodies or something I am at the mailbox everyday right after delivery...it is exciting to get packages in the mail!

Tutu bug has a large variety of tutu's, even sport team colors, darling!  If you get the chance do swing by and check out the site, I am sure you know of some little girl who would love to run around in a fluffy, fancy little tutu such as these.

Thanks Melanie for the opportunity to win, my daughter is going to love it!


Blonde Steel Magnolia said...

Congrats! I bet your little princess is so excited!

Roselle said...

Congrats! Adorable tutu!