Wednesday, May 26

I am on a roll...I won a Scentsy Plug in Warmer

I really need to go buy a lottery ticket for tonight...not kidding!  Yesterday as you read I won a blog giveaway for a darling little tutu for my daughter. Well today my friend Stacey who is also a Scentsy Director posted a link on Facebook and I was her first "fan" so I won a plug in warmer from Scentsy, I am on a roll!

I have always wanted a Scentsy warmer, my other friend Stacey has one and everytime I go to her house it just smells so good.  If your not familiar with the Scentsy brand they are decorative warmers with wax melted by the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame, amazing!  Each consultant is independent as Scentsy is a home based business opportunity providing in home parties, catalog orders etc..

So I won a plug in warmer, which plugs directly into the wall. I browsed her online site and choose this one, as I thought it would great in my cottage beach decor bathroom.
While on her website I fell in love with this months full size warmer so I figured since she was going to ship the plug in to my home I might as well order this one right, and they could ship together, there are a ton of warmers to choose from but look at how darling this one is

Love it!  and then of course I had to decide which scents to order, now there was a decision to make, holy smokes they have so many to choose from!  I did however narrow it down and ordered me a bar of Sugar, Ocean Breeze and Perfectly Pomegranate , I cannot wait to try them all.

Just in case your wondering where you can find info on these products or where you yourself can order some I have offered to post her info on my blog

Tell her I sent ya!

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Blonde Steel Magnolia said...

I love Scentsy warmers! Congrats~